Advancements in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As we try to improve and ensure higher standards of safety in the workplace, the use and functionality of personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to evolve as well. Recently, many advancements have been made to protective work jumpsuits, helmets, gloves, goggles and other safety apparel to try and lower the number of on-the-job injuries that happen each year. These are a few of the adjustments manufacturers have made to improve the functionality and level of protection that PPE has to offer.

Comfort, Flexibility, Productivity

PPE manufacturers are constantly trying to make work jumpsuits and other PPE gear more comfortable. In the past, many workers have worn jumpsuits or coveralls that were heavier than necessary because manufacturers were under the impression that this meant they offered better protection. With a more current focus on smart design, workers can now choose from many products that are lighter, more comfortable, and allow for better flexibility. This is a win-win situation for both employers and workers as PPE is now more desirable to wear and because it feels and fits comfortably, workers can be more productive on the job.


When it comes to high-visibility clothing, the go-to for many work environments is a loose-fitting neon safety vest. However, some manufacturers have gotten complaints that these vests often get tangled or stuck on things throughout the workday. With this in mind, work jumpsuits, coveralls, t-shirts, and other PPE equipment can now be ordered in high-visibility colors.

Improved Eye Protection

In recent years, manufacturers have realized that workers’ eyes need to be protected from more than just projectiles. In many work environments, debris and dust fill the air. PPE glasses now have foam fitted to the frames to create a seal around the eye cavity and keep airborne particles out. Additionally, some new eyewear designs include an anti-fog technology to improve visibility on the job.

Courtesy of Safety and Health Magazine


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