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Product Description

When work involves being exposed to all sorts of hazardous chemicals, it’s important to have the right protective clothing available in the workplace for yourself or your staff. Tyvek® suits are recommended as they provide total protection against harmful particulates that could harm human skin thanks to their material’s chemical and tear-resistant properties. We take great pride in making sure our customers have access to the Tyvek jumpsuits and other work jumpsuits they need to perform their job safely and efficiently.

Tyvek® Suits: Protection Starts At the Top

Your job calls for full body protection in a disposable coverall. These Tyvek® suits were made for the task, with elasticized cuffs to protect arms and legs.

It’s a tough, disposable plastic suit that keeps wet and dry particulate matter away from the skin, giving the wearer full protective coverage in a flexible, comfortable material.

Our Tyvek® protective suits are available in a variety of styles including plastic suits without hoods as well as those with a hood and boots. You will easily be able to find the options you need to best suit the situation in which you may come into contact with materials that could be damaging to your skin, providing the right protection.

The durable Tyvek® fabric is hard to tear or puncture, yet it functions as a breathable membrane that allows body heat and sweat to escape while preventing chemicals, paints and particles from getting in.

This allows you to keep working in safety and in comfort until the job is done. This will allow you to work more comfortably so you can more effectively complete any jobs you may have without worry about your risk of exposure. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for functionality.

How Every Business Can Benefit from Using Disposable Work Jumpsuits

One of the main concerns most business owners have is keeping their bottom line intact and reducing workplace accidents. The only way to do both is by investing in disposable work jumpsuits. Many workplace environments contain hazardous elements that will require employees to wear protective gear. Providing your employees with Tyvek® suits is ideal when trying to keep these hazards from causing injury. When purchasing these Tyvek® jumpsuits, you can take advantage of benefits like:

  • They Are Affordable and Sustainable – The main benefit of using these jumpsuits is their affordability and sustainability. Just because permanent jumpsuits will last longer, doesn’t necessarily make them the right option for your business. If these permanent jumpsuits are torn, they will not be able to provide the protection needed. Disposable jumpsuits provide users with the highest degree of protection consistently. Once you are done using these jumpsuits, you can dispose of them and use a brand new one the next time around.
  • Great Protection Offered – Some people have the misconception just because Tyvek® jumpsuits are disposable, they are not durable. The fact of the matter is these jumpsuits provide superior protection in a number of environments. The Tyvek® brand and MPE take pride in the durable construction of these jumpsuits. When buying these protective materials, you can rest assured they will keep you and your employees safe in even the harshest of environments.

Instead of settling for subpar protective materials, you need to speak with the professionals at MPE about our selection.

The Disposable Coverall You Can Actually Afford to Throw Away

Whether you buy them in a case of 25 or individually, disposable Tyvek® suits are priced far lower than new ones. They’ve been tested to ensure they maintain their full protective qualities.

So when you buy disposable coveralls from MPE, what you’re getting is a garment that protects you… at a fraction of the cost.

And when the workday is done, you can throw your disposable coverall away or reuse it. Unlike other work jumpsuits that may be available, you won’t have to break your budget making sure your employees are fully protected.

Why Buy a Tyvek® Suit?

Either you or your staff need protection from all sorts of harmful materials: paint, chemicals, construction products, oil, grease, fiberglass, mold, etc. A Tyvek® coverall is the industry standard in all those applications for many reasons:

  • Microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns can’t pass through Tyvek® even if the fabric has been abraded.
  • Tyvek® Coveralls are not easily scratched or worn away.
  • Tyvek® Coveralls are made with one material in one layer, unlike laminated fabrics that leave you exposed if the outer coating is scratched off.
  • Tyvek® Coveralls let air and moisture vapor pass through, reducing the chances of heat stress.
  • Tyvek® Coveralls are six times more breathable than microporous materials.
  • Tyvek® Coveralls have a wide range of uses in many different industries.

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