Tyvek® Protective Aprons


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Product Description

Whether at work or at home, certain tasks that involve chemicals, hot liquids, and other substances – if not done properly – can lead to unwanted effects that range from simple allergic reactions to major burns. Wearing disposable aprons is highly advisable in order to prevent such injuries from happening. For increased protection, Tyvek® plastic aprons are recommended.


Tyvek® aprons offer complete protection against food splashes, paint, hot oil, dangerous chemicals and other substances that can harm your skin by acting as an extra layer that shields it from direct contact. This is thanks to the synthetic material’s resistance to chemical and liquid spills. It is also designed to be lightweight and highly breathable, making sure that you and anyone else wearing a disposable apron feels comfortable while working. Tyvek® was created by DuPont™, and we at MPE are happy to offer their reliable disposable plastic aprons in our selection.


Besides providing splash protection, these disposable aprons are also designed to be durable. This is because Tyvek® is made with flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers that are tear and puncture resistant. The material’s dimensional stability also allows users to easily move while wearing their aprons. You can rest assured that you and your workers are properly protected without suffering from a limited range of motion.


Of course, complete splash protection isn’t only for adults. We also offer kids’ disposable aprons here at MPE. Children can also be exposed to harmful splashes when performing certain activities. Whether it’s helping out with painting the house, doing basic lab experiments at school, or trying out simple recipes in the kitchen, proper protection through the use of disposable aprons for kids must be encouraged to prevent burns and other accidents.

Want even more protection for yourself and your workers? Besides making plastic aprons available at your workplace, consider adding full-body Tyvek® suits as well. These suits provide protection for your entire body, shielding it from the various harmful dry particles, aerosols, as well as non-hazardous light liquids you’re exposed to at work.


Worried about costs? With our products, you don’t have to be. Considering that most of our aprons are disposable, we offer them for less compared to brand new ones. We use our own patented recycling and reconditioning process to save used Tyvek® aprons and ensure that they retain their protective capabilities. Our pricing structure is also set up on a Tier basis; the more cases you get at a time, the more cost-effective your purchase.


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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 x 9.75 x 8.75 in


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