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Tychem Protective Biohazard Suits

In the industrial, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries, workers subject themselves to various hazardous elements as part of their job. Because of this, proper protection is required to ensure the safety of everyone in the work site. Wearing a hazard suit – particularly, one made from Tychem QC fabric – is part of these important safety measures.

Much like our Tyvek work jumpsuits and other similar products, the Tychem biohazard suits we have for sale are also made by DuPont. Tychem QC is a blend of DuPont’s regular Tychem material with the addition of a polyethylene coating for added chemical protection. This fabric has been tested by third party labs to ensure their reliability with regard to chemical permeation resistance.

By providing your workers with this type of biohazard protection suit, you can rest assured that they will stay safe as it is designed to protect users from more than 80 different chemicals. Tychem QC is the preferred fabric when it comes to dealing with more than just dry particulate matter.

Aside from protecting users from chemical splashes and other types of biohazard exposure, Tychem QC is also a very durable material. Its combination of Tychem and polyethylene makes it tough against punctures and tears. It is also very flexible and comfortable compared to other fabrics, allowing for easy movement in your labs and other worksites.

Is visibility a factor in your line of work? Whether or not it is, Tychem QC is the ideal suit to wear if you need to make sure your workers can be easily seen from afar. Here at MPE, we offer the yellow Tychem hazard suit option. Thanks to its contrast against a wide range of natural backgrounds, yellow is the most popular biohazard suit color for ensuring workplace safety.

Need a supply of biohazard suits made of Tychem QC? We at MPE are happy to fulfill your needs for quality work site safety equipment. We have disposable coveralls (with hood and boots) in sizes ranging from medium to XXXXXL. You can also order individual suits or in cases of 12.

Worried about costs? Don’t be. Here at MPE, we have disposable biohazard suits that perform as well as their reusable counterparts. We use our own patented recycling and reconditioning process to save used suits and make sure they retain their protective capabilities.

Maintain a safe work environment by making sure your workers have the protection they need to stay healthy and shielded from various bio hazards. Get them lightweight, durable, and reliable Tychem suits today.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 x 11.75 x .3 in

Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge, 3XLarge, 4XLarge, 5XLarge

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Case(12), Individual


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