Tyvek Products Keep You Protected

The team at MPE knows just how important staying protected at work is. With our extensive line of Tyvek hooded coveralls and Tyvek suit options, we are able to offer you the protection you need The Tyvek clothing offered by MPE comes with a variety of benefits.

Comfortable Fit

For most workers, Tyvek coveralls in yellow are ideal due to the high level of comfort they offer. When trying to get your job done, the last thing you want is to feel restricted or uncomfortable. The Tyvek coveralls with hood offer you the comfort and breathability you need when working in hot and grueling environments.

Disposable Garments Offer a No Fuss Solution

Yellow Tyvek coveralls also allow you to offer your employees a no fuss, no frills solution to their protective clothing needs. When you or your employees are done wearing the Tyvek suits with a hood, you will be able to throw them away. This means each time you put on new disposable Tyvek coveralls, you will be able to get the ultimate protection. Just because disposable Tyvek suits can be thrown away after one use doesn’t mean they aren’t durable.

Stay on Budget

Using Tyvek clothing is also a great option for business owners on a budget. The Tyvek jumpsuits are extremely affordable and offer the same protection as a suit that can be worn time and time again.

Be sure to check out the Tyvek coveralls size chart before making a purchase. Using this size chart will ensure you get the right fit the first time around.

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