Paint Suits

Paint suits provide safety protection that cannot be ignored.

Tyvek® suits

Tyvek® protective paint suits

Most people have certain clothes setting aside for their painting jobs because they know there are likely to be paint splatters that may not wash out. However, there are other things you need to consider before you take on any major paint job. Considering the use of disposable paint suits rather than just wearing some old clothes is essential.

The fact that paint fumes and exposure to unknown paint surfaces that a person is exposed to can actually be absorbed through skin pores as well as lungs and other obvious factors. Paint suits go beyond just blocking the paint from clothes and skin, they provide additional safety for your paint jobs.

Most people who are about to start a paint job simply dig into their dresser drawers or closets to find their oldest clothing. While it doesn’t matter if paint splatters on this clothing, it won’t be able to protect you from the fumes and other chemicals used in paint. Painters coveralls can be the ideal solution to this problem. These low-cost coveralls will protect your clothing and your skin from the paint and ensure your health and safety as you complete any painting job.

Painters Safety

Safety must be prioritized no matter how basic or advanced a job is. Painting, for example, may seem like a job that is less risky compared to other types of construction jobs, but there are still risks that must be watched out for. Wearing a paint suit, in particular, must be a requirement whenever you or your staff works with paint or spray paint. This is because some paints can be harmful to human skin upon contact.

Of course, there are certain paints that are considered skin-friendly. But most of the time, the kind used in construction and auto repair projects isn’t. Most are not water soluble and have several different chemicals in them that are toxic. If these chemicals come into contact with skin, they may be absorbed into the bloodstream and lead to poisoning. Because these paints are typically riskier than your average house paint, it’s essential to make sure you are using painters coveralls as part of your protection to keep you safe and healthy.

This risk also applies to spray paint jobs since the skin takes in some air as well. Toxic particulates can easily be absorbed, leading to the same effect as if there was direct contact with the paint. Wearing paint suits can help decrease, if not eliminate, these risks by covering the skin during paint jobs. When you choose painters coveralls as an alternative to a two-piece option, you can feel more confident you will be fully protected from any harmful components of the paint you are using, especially spray paints.

Quality Disposable Paint Coveralls

This is why we at MPE provide quality disposable paint suits and painters coveralls to ensure safety in your workplace. Our disposable painter’s coveralls are made with Tyvek®, a material made with 100 percent high density polyethylene (HDPE), which makes it highly resistant to dry particulate matter, paint, aerosols, blood-borne pathogens, and more. Our painter’s jumpsuits are also tear-resistant – they’re almost impossible to rip. These Tyvek painters coveralls are designed with your safety in mind and are easy to take on and off, offering even greater convenience.

One of the most important things about our Tyvek® suits is that they are breathable. Safety and protection shouldn’t compromise your or your staff’s comfort, after all. Tyvek® allows heat and sweat vapor to easily pass through while still blocking water and other liquid molecules. You don’t have to worry about whether you will be too hot and uncomfortable while you complete your work. You will be able to feel cool and comfortable, without concern over whether you are at risk from paint fumes and the chemicals used in the paint.

Worried about the costs of ensuring total protection? With our products, you don’t have to be. Besides providing brand new paint suit options, we also offer disposable paint suits. This means you can buy a low-cost paint suit that provides the protection you need so you don’t have to feel like you are wasting your money if you throw it away after you are done using it. You also don’t have to worry about handling the costs and difficulties associated with washing these suits. We use our own patented recycling and reconditioning process to save used suits and make sure each retains its full protective qualities. This makes them as effective as brand new suits – quality protection with less cost. This means if your painter’s coveralls become covered in paint, you don’t have to go through the difficult process of washing them. Instead, you can simply throw them away and buy a new pair without worrying about breaking your budget.

What You Gain When Buying Disposable Paint Coveralls from MPE

For most painters, finding the right tools to work with is essential. Without the right tools, making a living off of painting would be nearly impossible. Buying painters coveralls is essential when trying to get the job done without ruining your clothing in the process. When buying your painters coveralls from MPE, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Superior Protection – One of the main things painters look for when trying to get protective clothing is the quality. While the painters coveralls sold by MPE are disposable, they are extremely durable and will offer you the superior protection needed. This high level of protection will keep your clothing safe from paint stains with ease.
  • Affordability Is Key – Finding the right materials for the correct price is also important. If a business owner neglects to be thrifty with their purchases, they will find it difficult to make a profit. The team at MPE has provided painters with affordable painters coveralls for many years. We know just how important staying on budget is and do all we can to make it easy.

If you are tired of spending good money on painters coveralls only to have them rip shortly after you put them on, it is time to try our coveralls. You will be able to work in comfort and avoid damage to your clothing when buying our painters coveralls.

At MPE, we make sure you have all you need to ensure safety at the worksite by providing Tyvek® products and others. Whether you’re looking for a paint suit, fire-resistant suit, or a hazard suit, you can certainly find them in our product list. You will be able to complete every job that may involve exposure to chemicals and other dangerous materials so you can do your job without concern over your health and safety. You will be able to look out for your employees without breaking the company budget buying protective gear for everyone.