Tyvek® Suits and Automotive Repair

The first substantial snowfall has hit and it is sure to have an adverse impact on driving conditions. The number of automobile accidents will inevitably increase, which will result in a spike in the automotive repair industry. MPE provides protective clothing to complete all of your automotive repair needs. MPE’s protective clothing has a variety of clothing options that will supply the needs of the automotive industry, ranging from full body disposable coveralls to boot and shoe covers.  Maxshield clothing is the standard for the automotive industry providing maximum liquid protection.

Whether it is as simple as an oil change or complex as auto body painting, Maxshield protective clothing provides those who encounter automotive liquids and solvents on a daily basis, with maximum coverage with full body protective suits. Frequent and prolonged contact with used engine oil can cause a number of skin complications including dermatitis, leucoderma, and skin cancer. In preparation for the painting process, it is  vital for that one has wears the necessary protective clothing to minimize risk of physical harm to you and your clothing. Tasks such as body filing, sanding,  and painting creates microscopic airborne particles during the processes that contain chemicals that are irritants to the skin. Maxshield protective clothing is composed of a micro-porous double layered material made up of 60% Polyethylene, 40% spun bonded polypropylene laminate and water resistant textile that will protect for all of your automotive jobs.


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