The Worst Fires in History

From Rome to New York, fire has been one of the most disastrous calamities to effect our world. Fire is a tool, it’s a weapon, and catastrophe all rolled into one. It somehow manages to find a place for itself at the table of every major catastrophic event, including ones that involve a lot of water, like tsunamis.

Fires are deadly and almost impossible to contain. Home fires cause more than $6 billion in damages a year. In 2012 alone, forest fires claimed 9.33 million acres of land, and cost nearly $2 billion to suppress.

Every five seconds someone is severely burned. Each year, 265,000 people are estimated to die from burn injuries, and chances are, that half or more of your own scars came from burns. It’s no wonder that industries that rely heavily on using fire as a tool have developed fire resistant clothing (FR clothing) to keep workers safe from what would otherwise be inevitable.

The Worst Fires In History


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