Protect While You Paint

DIY Paint Jobs

If you’ve ever taken on a large painting job you’ll know that it’s messy work. So in order to protect your home, surroundings, and yourself you’ll need to prepare ahead of time. Here are some steps to take when tackling your DIY paint job project.

Exterior and Interior

In order to paint your home it first must be cleaned. Depending on the type of exterior siding your home has you should pressure wash, scrape, sand, or use any other safe method of removing dirt and grime from your home. The same holds true for the interior though it probably just requires a dusting or wipe-down. You’ll also want to fix any damage that may exist on the siding or walls. Do a thorough job without cutting corners, this will make your paint job look better and last longer. As for your surroundings cover anything that would be damaged if paint were to fall on it. Your car, rose bushes, carpet, furniture. The more you prepare ahead of time the less messy cleanup you will have to deal with later.

Paint Coveralls

Paint is extremely hard and sometimes even impossible to remove from clothing. Also, depending on what you’re painting and the kind you’re using, getting paint on your skin could be dangerous. That’s why the smart thing to do is to get a pair of painter’s coveralls to protect your clothes and skin from damage. Fortunately, painter’s coveralls are an affordable, easy to use alternative to damaging your clothing and skin.

Disposable Garments

Disposable Garments Protective Clothing offers several different kinds of painter’s coveralls to keep you clean and protected from paint stains and chemicals. Our Tyvek® suits are resistant to paint, aerosols, blood borne pathogens, and much more. Comfortable, breathable, and durable these paint suits provide the perfect barrier between you and your job.

For a little more protection try our Maxshield suits, which are constructed using two layers of protective material making them even more durable and resistant. With both types of suits you can also chose the extent of coverage you want. From painter’s coveralls, to hooded suits, to aprons, we’ve got you covered.

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