New York Doctor infected with Ebola after trip to Guinea

Craig Spencer Doctor Ebola

A NY doctor, Craig Spencer, recently returned from Guinea from volunteering to help eradicate Ebola has returned infected with the virus. He makes the fourth person in the United States infected with the Virus.

Spencer returns to New York after Africa.

Spencer returned to New York on October 17th and began to start feeling symptoms of exhaustion and developed a fever this Thursday. He immediately contacted medical services and was brought to New York’s Bellevue Hospital where he was put in isolation.

How many people could have potentially come in contact?

  • Spencer flew out of Guinea and landed in Belgium to switch planes and eventually flew into John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.
  • He came into contact with his fiancee and two friends who have since been placed in quarantine since exposure.
  • After a 3 mile run through the city, he visited a Bowling alley which has since closed down due to the news that Spencer could have potentially infected the building.
  • He took the NY Subway while he was still not showing symptoms.

How has the hospital responded to treating Ebola?

Craig Spencer has been placed in isolation and is being treated by doctors and staff wearing masks and hazmat suits when they need to come in contact with him while he is infected. Belle Vue has precautiously prepared for a potential outbreak in New York after learning of the infection of Dallas Nurse Amber Vinson.

Infected nurse is Ebola

Infected nurse is Ebola-free
“We are as ready as one could be,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, “We had the advantage of learning from the Dallas experience.


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