Fire Resistant Clothing in the Oil & Gas Industry

Jobs in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is a dangerous field. The industry involves either operating or developing gas and oil field properties. Jobs may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Exploration for crude petroleum
  • Exploration for crude natural gas
  • Drilling wells
  • Completing & equipping wells
  • Operating separators
  • Operating emulsion breakers
  • Operating desilting equipment
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Pipeline Maintenance

Workers are exposed to a variety of hazards including fire, explosions, falls, confined spaces, exposure to chemicals, and getting caught in large machinery to name a few. Safety training is the number one most important element of work site safety, but personal protective equipment plays a paramount role in the safety and health of oil and gas workers. Below are some of the most crucial safety points regarding PPE for oil and gas workers.

Flame Resistance

The most important characteristic of oil and gas industry clothing is flame-resistance. The extensive risk of fires and explosions on worksites lends itself to the need for flame-resistant (FR) apparel. FR clothing is tested under critical conditions to comply with National Fire Protection Association specific performance requirements 70 E and 2112. Available flame-resistant apparel may span from vests to coveralls and everywhere in between.

Necessary Equipment

Oil and gas industry workers also need to wear the proper personal protective equipment on-site. The equipment necessary for each worksite may vary due to the circumstances. This might include safety goggles, masks, gloves, earplugs, hoods, and boots.
This clothing and equipment is essential for most jobs in the oil and gas industry. But just because they are necessities doesn’t mean that they should cost an arm and a leg. Worker protection should be affordable to encourage the safety of all workers. MPE offers disposable worksite garments that don’t sacrifice quality for low prices. Visit the shop to see top-of-the-line flame resistant apparel as well as personal protective equipment used in the oil and gas industry. Save lives with the correct equipment for the job, and save money in the process.


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