Ebola in the U.S. – How Quickly Could it Spread?

The first ebola-related death in the U.S. has brought with it a major sense of anxiety for Americans. Its also led to the first two cases of ebola contracted within U.S. borders. Despite donning full personal protective equipment, a pair of nurses caring for Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan have already tested positive for ebola and are currently in treatment.

While we have every hope that these new cases will not lead to an outbreak on U.S. soil, the concern remains that ebola could spread quickly if not contained. Just how quickly could it spread? Check out some of the stats below to see why you should start taking preventive measures of your own now.

Ebola in the U.S. Infographic

There are steps you can take now to keep yourself protected from the ebola virus. The first is simply being aware of the facts surrounding ebola and how it is transmitted. The second may be to purchase personal protective equipment for yourself and your family, including biohazard suits or other protective coveralls. Again, we have every hope that this outbreak will remain contained!


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