3 Good Reasons to Choose Flame Resistant Coveralls

You know what they say—if you can’t take the heat, buy flame resistant coveralls! Before you buy another pair of fire resistant pants, consider choosing flame resistant (FR) coveralls. FR coveralls offer a slew of benefits compared to FR pants (like how they are on SALE for super low prices right now). Look hot but stay cool with superior protection and other benefits that pants alone simply cannot bring to the table. There are 3 good reasons that you should be using coveralls instead of pants and shirts.

1. Easier fit
2. Better coverage
3. One garment to keep up with

Easier Fit

Have you ever had to deal with a shirt that keeps riding up? No thank you! It can be very annoying and distracting which is bad enough, but worst of all, it can leave you vulnerable to fire. Fiddling with your clothing to ensure that you are covered up can take away from the focus that you need for the task at hand. It only takes a second to make a mistake. Having an option for an easier fit that you do not have to worry about is simply a better way of protecting yourself. You can wear coveralls right over your clothing. They slip right on and you can slip right out of them whenever you are out of danger from the hazard. They are a safer option when you need to focus on the job and not on your clothing.

Better Coverage

You never have to worry about any part of your body being exposed. Coveralls “cover it all”. There are even hooded styles that can cover the back of your neck and head so you are completely protected. You never have to worry about lower back exposure or torso exposure. You step into the garment, close it up and you are wrapped in protection. Pants alone or a pant shirt combo cannot give you that type of coverage without the risk of skin being exposed.

One Garment to Keep Up With

Coveralls are ideal for anyone that hates to have to keep track of their FR gear. It is one garment that does double duty so you do not have to search around for pants and shirts. They make life easier and safer, and reduce clutter!

Don’t Get Burned!

Don’t get burned, whether it’s by flames on the job, or by companies trying to sell you inferior or overpriced products. MPE offers FR overalls at a fair price. They are high quality coveralls that offer the flame resistant protection that you need—much better than fire resistant pants alone—and did we mention? There just so happens to be a SALE on fire resistant coveralls that you can check out here! Check out your options at MPE and consider coveralls instead of separate pieces. They are a better option for safety protection.


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