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About MPE

About MPE

We provide disposable coveralls and other protective clothing to protect you comes from our founder, Mike Miller.

After seeing several of his clients throwing away perfectly good Tyvek® garments, Mike Miller came up with the idea of collecting and selling Tyvek® Clothing. His idea was to offer perfectly usable disposable garments at a discounted cost and to help reduce solid waste being thrown into our landfills. His idea of selling Tyvek® was a win-win situation for everyone and MPE Inc. was created.

With a lot of hard work MPE grew and needed to have its own location. We are located in Northwest Indiana and we have shared a building for many years with another company. This year MPE is proud to say that they have built their own building and is planning on adjusting our growth according to the greater demand of our disposable garments.

MPE Inc. is proud about its exceptional customer service. We stand behind our product and understand that our customers are who we are, without them we would not be in business. This is why we have always offered our 100% money back guarantee.