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Disposable Garments Protective Clothing Withstands Demanding Environments

In certain worksites such as labs, construction sites, and garages, exposure to numerous types of chemicals is expected. For this reason, you and your staff must shield yourselves by wearing protective clothing. MaxShield, KoolGuard, and Tyvek suits, in particular, can offer you and your staff the protection needed against hazardous chemicals without discomfort. We supply Tyvek protective suits and other top protective clothing and disposable garments.

Tyvek Clothing

Created by DuPont, Tyvek is a synthetic material with a single layer of fabric made with 100 percent high density polyethylene (HDPE), which makes it highly resistant to dry particulate matter, paint, aerosols, bloodborne pathogens, and more. Tyvek is tough and tear-resistant, which makes it strong enough to use for a variety of applications.

One important feature of this material is that it is breathable. This means that wearing Tyvek won’t make you or your staff feel too warm or uncomfortable at work. The material was designed to allow heat and sweat vapor to pass through but not water and other liquid molecules.

Strong Enough to Use, Cheap Enough to Discard

Despite being one of the best choices for protective clothing at work, purchasing new Tyvek at a regular basis can be costly. This is why we at Miller’s Precision Enterprises (MPE) provide you access to cost-effective alternatives when needed. We offer polyethylene Tyvek suits which means that these disposable garments can easily be reused or thrown away without the worry of adding to landfill waste. Our disposable protective clothing costs up to 40 percent less than new ones.

Just because our Maxshield garments are more affordable doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Our patented design ensures that each product retains its full protective capabilities. Through independent testing, we’ve proven that our Maxshield products are as strong as Tyvek in every way.